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The Obama administration is certainly known for its criminal activity and its Chicago ties, as well as those tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are a thug organization. There is nothing lawful ab…

Muslim Brotherhood Granted ‘Direct Access’ To Taxpayer’s Stimulus Grants By Obama!

Muslim Brotherhood Granted ‘Direct Access’ To Taxpayer’s Stimulus Grants By Obama! He's in bed with Acorn,Ayers,various muslim Imams. Real true pillars of a free society.

No more goat-sex for Muslims in Sweden. Government outlaws bestiality...good grief...pedophelia and bestiality...isn't Islam lovely?  And it is here in America.

No more goat-sex for Muslims in Sweden.pedophelia and bestiality.isn't Islam lovely and handy for these sick bastards?

Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is

The passage itself isnt exactly free from controversial material. In it, Obama describedhow his worldview as a teenager held that any distinction .

Why did the alleged Oregon shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, ask his victims if they were Christians before shooting them? The answer may surprise you.

No wonder they tried to keep it quiet. No wonder Hussein jumped in fast to make it a gun narrative and not a brother . Oops, my bad, a radical Muslim terrorist narrative !

Shimon Peres - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 9th President of Israel.

Shimon Peres, the ninth President of the State of Israel, will address the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off next week. Peres has famously extolled.

White Folks And America Are The Problem – Michelle Obama Addresses All Black University With Divisive Message.

White Folks & America Are The Problem – Michelle Addresses Black University With Divisive Message.You're the problem. Stop dividing AMERICA !


It's not her black skin, it's her BLACK HEART which is the problem. The racism card doesn't cut it.

Fox Nation - this evil woman's reward for a lifetime dedicated to intimidation of anyone with a different political view ...lerner's pension could be as much as 102,600/yr...or 3.96 million/ lifetime This seems criminal to me.  Why is she not in prison...or at the very least...lose her pension for her disgusting behavior.

New IRS E-mails: Lois Lerner Funneled Elijah Cummings Info on Targeted Conservative Group - United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform