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The root Chakra what it means, reflexology and how to. Healing energy

There are many ways one can begin to balance their Here are several useful methods, including aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmat…

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- Chakras are spinning energy centers located throughout your body that influence and reflect your physical health as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Balanced diet can result in balanced chakras. Here is a chart of the

Have you ever wondered why our seven major chakras are represented by the colours of the rainbow? When I first began learning about the chakra colours, I thought that the colours assigned to each one was just someone’s way of labeling them and making them

11 Ancient Mantras that Will Transform Your Life

11 Ancient Mantras That Will Transform Your Life

ADD TO JOURNAL Don’t you wonder why ancient mantras have become remarkably popular these days? There is something profound and mystical about these mantras that will transform your life

Chakra development from year to year. Striking! I started to dig into this when planning my kids yoga classes, and found this fantastic overview.

Chakras: 7 year development life-cycles

The Seven Year Cycle of Development. The table was designed to gives a graphic illustration of the seven year cycle of human development according to the Vedic Treaties Chakravidya. created by Konstantin

The Magnificence Of 7: This Amazing Infographic Shows Us How Everything Is Interconnected

This awesome infographic, originally submitted to Spirit Science, helps show you how with the lucky number everything is interconnected. From the image’s creator: source

These chakra affirmations are just waiting to be printed and hung up where you can look at them every day and enjoy.

Rainbows and Good Feelings - a Freebie!

Food and Chakra Pairing. Learn all about our seven energy centers and how we can heal our bodies and balance our chakras with the food we eat!

Food and Chakra Pairing: Balancing and Healing Our Energy Centers Through Food

Balancing and Healing Our Energy Centers Through Food. I firmly, thoroughly believe that we are what we eat. What we put into our bodies gravely affects how we feel, how we think, and how our bodies perform.

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Fire Up Your Chakras, Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills!

Chakras for beginners - Easiest explanation ever for the Seven chakras

Surprisingly, these chakras can be opened and regulated with a very easy, at-home practice.

How To Open The Chakras With Sound

How To Open The Chakras With Sound. Each Chakra has its own vibration and sound…

Are Your Chakras Out of Balance? Take The Chakra Test!

Are Your Chakras Out of Balance? Take The Chakra Test!

Have you ever felt like you might not be running at You may have a slight or serious chakra imbalance. Take our free chakra test to finally know for sure!