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Mid Century Vintage Space Age Advertisement illustration for America’s Independent Electric Light and Power Companies. "Watch where you're flying, bitch!

Blade Runner concept artist, design-fiction guru – Syd Mead | Graphicine

ungoliantschilde: “ more ‘Blade Runner’ production design art by Syd Mead. It doesnt exactly look like Syd Mead.

mirkokosmos:  by Paul Lasaine

This work by Paul Lasaine captures the metropolis on the water painted by its bright lights. Megastructures dwarf what the big city was and speak to massively centralized power.

Deckard's apartment. The technological devices seem to completely ignore the aging beautiful room they're occupying. Very much captures the tone that the book Blade Runner is based on conveys. Many complain the movie ignores much of the book, but I've read it and I don't agree.

Blade Runner concept art from the closed case file of Rick Deckard by Syd Mead

Dan Mumford - Good for Health : Bad for Education

Inspired by Akira, 'Good For Health / Bad For Education' was part of exhibition in screenprint, 5 colours, available from the 1988 store now.

Syd Mead – Arte conceptual para Blade Runner

Syd Mead – Arte conceptual para Blade Runner

Blade Runner - Syd Mead’s paintings of a Zhora’s dance (based on preproduction drawings by Mentor Huebner); unfilmed sequence that was suposed to take place in Snake Pit nightclub.

Syd Mead Blade Runne

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Fans of the reality-bending fiction of Philip K. Dick, among whom I count myself, generally acknowledge the the best film made from his sour.