I'm pretty sure I annoy people when we go to see movies....>>>> I was doing this when I went to go see The 5th Wave... And Sea of Monsters... And Divergent...

harry potter books hunger games percy jackson the fault in our stars Mortal Instruments vampire academy divergent

This is my family.

This is my family. (Harry Potter, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games) Harry Potter's okay and Ive never read Mortal instruments but Hunger games and divergent FTW!<<<<< and lilo and stitch gosh does no one remeber that quote

Oh I love Issac! He's so sarcastic and it makes me happy.

Literally one of my fav lines in the book and Isaac in this scene is me when I'm third wheeling lol!

When you re-read a book and realize you skipped over an important sentence the first time.

Sometimes I make adorkable characters everyone loves, just so I can kill them off when the story starts getting darker.

funny pics the maze runner they are professional killers. i love Dylan and Thomas alike

Someone said 'I hate supernatural and I leaned over to my friend and said' can I shoot her?' And she said 'not in public' BEST FRIEND MOMENT

When I'm almost done reading a good book.

Thanks for keeping at least the protagonist alive, Suzanne Collins. Unlike you...*looks at Veronica Roth*

Thanks for keeping at least the protagonist alive, Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan.*looks at Veronica Roth*

Epic Tumblr post done to the tune of a Katy Perry song.

This started as Superwholock. then became every other fandom too. Katy Perry's "E.EVERY fandom there ever was and ever will be. so awesome.

Don't make me cry. I didn't know newt died I am crying so hard right now and I wished Id never seen this post