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England in 1928 - A young girl sells artificial flowers for charity on Alexandra Day, in Kent. The first Alexandra Rose Day was held in 1912; it commemorated the arrival in Britain of Princess Alexandra of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, from Denmark, in 1862.

In the late and early National Geographic sent photographer Clifton R. Adams to England to record its farms, towns and cities, .

Quelques belles du temps jadis (années 1920)

vintage everyday: 23 Rare and Stunning Color Portraits of French Women from the by Gustave Gain

Claire et Ninette Salles  Description :  Fille et petite fille de Gustave Eifffel Fonds Gustave Eiffel  Auteur :  Anonyme

Color photography was attempted beginning in the But widely known with the Autochrome Lumière, an early color photography process tha.

Autochrome photo by French photographer Gustave Gain

The 1920s Autochrome Photos of Gustave Gain

French photographer Gustave Gain was born in Cherbourg, France on June As a chemist he keens on photography and related technical achievements. After the invention of the Autochrome by the Lumière brothers, Gustave is actively engaged in color photograph.