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Tapestry Detail: "Lovers Seasons", 69 x 186 in. Hand woven Tapestry by Maximo Laura /// Detalle de Tapiz: "Estaciones del Amante” 175 x 473 cm. Colección del Museo Máximo Laura /// More information at info@museomaximolaura.com or www.museomaximolaura.com

Contemporary Peruvian Tapestry Art by Maximo Laura by MuseoMaximoLauraPeru



weaves strips of fabric through the multi-colored warp threads on her loom to soften the fabric's original pattern. She'll sew the fabric into curtain panels. - See more at: http://www.wvgazette.com/Life/201306110037#sthash.eLlb5MMW.dpuf

weaving with tiny strips of fabric, maintaining their original pattern sequence, yet changing it with the warp colors. What is this technique called?

Máximo Laura Textile Artist http://www.goldenfingers.info/maximo-lauras-tapestries/

Máximo Laura born in Ayacucho, Peru in Textile Artist of self-taught formation.

Handwoven Tapestry by Maximo Laura "Spiritual Chants to our Roots". Tapestry Detail.

Handwoven Tapestry by Maximo Laura "Spiritual Chants to our Roots".