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Uzumaki Naruto and Namikaze Minato, father and son ~ by Meiko (Puua)

Naruto 636: The Current Obito at MangaFox.me

Naruto 631 Minato Namikaze Tobirama Senju Hiruzen Sarutobi Man, this took hours, but I'm glad with the outcome. MINATO IS AWESOME! Naruto 631 - Let's Begin

#wattpad #fanfic ¿Quién dijo que el baño no podía ser un lugar romántico? -Capítulo único-

La Bañera - NaruHina/lemon - ¡Salte de la bañera!

Amazing artwork, the Tails are there too

Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Sage Mode Fan Art Style Case for iPhone 4 5 6 7 Plus Anime: Naruto Compatible Phone Model: Apple iPhone iPhone iPhone

Uchiha Obito was the biggest victims  of war ,he lost everything included his lovest #anime #cosplayclass #naruto #cosplay

Obito's actions and choices are understandable. Even though they were wrong you can't completely blame him. Obito is Naruto, except Naruto had the will to never give in. Plus, Uchiha have the Curse of Hatred

images for anime fantasy art

Boruto in episode one of Boruto next generation- spoiler- I think he has the tensegan in some form?