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((Open Rp boy or girl needed))*I sit against a wall with my camera and and drinking my Starbucks and I look up and see you*

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Read El fin from the story La hermana menor de mi mejor amigo (Itachi y tu)(lemon) by loredana-uchiha (Loredana Hatake) with 323 reads.

"Hey",the blonde's lips curved into a cheerful smile as he looked at me,"Why so down? Here,have one!",popping a lollipop in his mouth he then passed one to me. His smile never faded.   "Huh.."   "What? Come on,its candy! Nobody stays down with a candy in their mouths! "   I sighed and reluctantly took the lollipop from him and unintentionally,my lips turned into a soft smile.  "See?"   "..Shut up..."

Hello I'm Jack, age I love my sweets my friends and the ladies. I am sweet and if I like a girl I will offer her a lollipop.

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He may be a dude, but he's the hottest dude I've ever seen and I would gladly do him

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I'm more of a purple haunted warrior than I am worried survivor suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Be you doomed to complete the Olympic task fear not, my heart is always looking back. | RolePlay Online

Xavier // 19 // Calm serious collected hates those that hurt girls protective // modeling