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FYIG got the chance to try out Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! for the Nintendo Switch this week. Find out if this budget title is worth grabbing!

The Nintendo World Championships Are Returning In October

With the Nintendo World Championships 2017 tournament, taking place on Oct. 7 in New York at Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom, fans of all ages from around the country have the chance to be a part of Nintendo history.

Gambitious to Publish Outreach

Outreach is a zero-gravity Cold War Conspiracy Adventure Game from Pixel Spill coming to PC & MAC in For more information as it develops, please visit .

Death-Rally-Logo1.jpg (1920×1080)

Here we are today 16 years later and Death Rally has been revived on iOS last year and PC this year with multiplayer support

φαρμακεία/Sorcery/Big Pharma/the use or the administering of drugs

Sorcery finally makes its way to the but, is it still the move killer app that everyone thought it would be?

All Six Classic 8-Bit Mega Man Games Now Available for iOS and Android - Find Your Inner Geek

Finally, Megaman Mobile Game launch on January

Kratos returns in this brand new entry in the God of War series and is the supposed finale of Kratos' story.

God of War: Ascension Special Edition Details

Sony公佈了2017財年第二季度的財報,其中提到了PS4出貨量的最新數字,截止到9月30日,本季度PS4出貨420萬台,也就是說,PS4歷史總出貨量已經達到6750萬台。  從Sony遊戲業務相關的「遊戲和網絡服務」部分報告看,銷售額同比增長了35.4%達到了4332億日元,增長主要由於PS4軟件業務的增長。另外Sony對2017全財年PS4銷量也給出了預期值,預計截至到明年3月底,再出貨190

Sony公佈了2017財年第二季度的財報,其中提到了PS4出貨量的最新數字,截止到9月30日,本季度PS4出貨420萬台,也就是說,PS4歷史總出貨量已經達到6750萬台。 從Sony遊戲業務相關的「遊戲和網絡服務」部分報告看,銷售額同比增長了35.4%達到了4332億日元,增長主要由於PS4軟件業務的增長。另外Sony對2017全財年PS4銷量也給出了預期值,預計截至到明年3月底,再出貨190

Battle Your Friends In ‘I Am Setsuna’s Temporal Battle Arena Today!

Battle Your Friends In ‘I Am Setsuna’s Temporal Battle Arena Today!

The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Review - Find Your Inner Geek

The Sims are moving to the city of San Myshuno for The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack.