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Jon and Alex by Mads Nissen, 2014

Gay couples in Russia and China's Christmas factory: the World Press Photo winners 2014 – in pictures

El danés Mads Nissen gana el premio World Press Photo 2015

floating in my dreams

floating in my dreams



"There are things that wait for us, patiently, in the dark corridors of our life." - Neil Gaiman (Photo Dark Corridor by Meghan Kay Sadler)

Violent Ghosts Will Wait For You In The Graveyard

Paranormal Truth: Evil Forces Lurk At This Hidden Nacogdoches Cemetery

Henryk Rodakowski - Portret matki

Henryk Rodakowski - Portret matki

You don’t have to smoke cigarettes to be fascinated with the free-flowing effect of fumes coming out of someone’s mouth in artistic pictures, like these of Jared Tyler. Smoke has been a great prop for photography and cinema throughout many decades. A tool for cinematographers to set different moods in scenes. Think of the smoke.... http://illusion.scene360.com/art/70277/smoke-photography-jared-tyler/

The Smoke Photography of Jared Tyler

Freelance photographer Jared Tyler is another promising teen–like Alex Stoddard, Brian Oldham, and Nicholas Scarpinato–with a creative outlook

by anna marcell

Anna Marcell // IYL Finalist ↛ Chosen by Andrea Belmont for Errr Magazine ↛ Exhibited at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Find each one of the finalist images at its temporary home spread across

وای از فرد عاشق...حتی گناهان و زشتی های معشوقش را می پرستد، به حدی که خود معشوقش نمی تواند جنایاتش را آن طوری که فرد عاشق برای او تبرئه می کند، تبرئه کند...فئودور داستایوسکی - نازنین

people spend so long in the daylight, we forget there is a deeper light, the homelight, left on for us as we walk the great life-road through forest and wild stone (from The Memory :ot Light)