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Nebraska...we have some of the most amazing sky scapes!

Things people miss about Oklahoma when they move ~ A Good Storm. A windmill and supercell storm in Leedey, Oklahoma, USA.

Spectacular Cloud formation

Storm cloud on a late May afternoon in Terry, Montana (Eastern Montana)


Tree Getting Hit by Lightning. lightning's like "just gonna take a nice stroll across the sky, ah so peaceful, wait this on tree in particular." Tree gettin struck by lightning Awesome cool epic ftw


For the first time in my life, the lightning was. How can a lightning be red? I winced, I felt a sharp pain and looked at my arm. I continued to look at the sky, the red lightning.

Have a positive evening! /Позитивного вам вечера, дорогие!

Happy rainbow with birds.amazing, it looks like the moon! Looks like a big smiley face to me.

Lightning over Tuscon, Arizona

Lightning Storm - Tucson, Arizona - photo via woah - NATURE - clouds - purple / orange / yellow sky - earth

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~ Forest Fire & Storm ~ Looks like Colorado right now! Our forests are all on fire this burning right now!

A strike from above...

Here's a quiz with 7 facts about lightning that you will not believe