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A List of the Techniques Used When Sketching With Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils - Blending Tutorial by S-Baptista-Art on DeviantArt

Colored Pencils - Blending Tutorial Part II by Sahri-Art on deviantART . I wish that people told me early on about the relationships between complementary colors

Colored Pencil Worksheet Picture

Colored Pencil Techniques

The colored pencil technique sheet that I use in my art 1 and honors art 1 classes. It really helps them learn to blend, layer and burnish their colored pencils ~ Colouring Pages.

Rose Colored Pencil Tutorial I by ~mooingboog on deviantART

well I made this I hope its some help to people out the and as Ive said i'd really like to see any work that comes out from this tutorial just leave me a link in the comments section happy drawing xxx