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Pshhh yeah Mrs. Hall I enjoy actually getting good grades every once in a while!!

having a crush on someone who is in your class. It's the hardest thing to do, can't concentrate

Wishing your hair didn't take so long to curl.... takes an HOUR to make my terrible straight hair to even look decent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Taking Pictures On Good Hair Days -Just Girly Things

I love when people play with my hair. @Nicole C And I low playing with your hair because you are like only one of the two people who will let me play with it.

best feeling ever <<< Unless my hair actually looks decent that day haha.' But most of the time I really like having my hair played with

Hi I'm Sean! Soccer is my life!! 17 and single, intro? <heartbreaker>

My Amazing Boyfriend Teej❤️❤️He's Adorably hilarious! And of course My Best Guy Friend, Angel! He's absolutely hilarious! They're So funny!