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Before I die, I want to...

GOAL: Learn to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue STATUS: Accomplished.

Check! 4th grade student! Should do it to hector for our anniversary! Great idea as a wedding gift to the groom! Love it

Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years. Write a letter to my love and have him open it in 10 years

One correction.... Have a daughter and name her after my Great Grandmother!  One day I WILL have my Emma!!!!!!!

well my grandmother's middle name. Her middle name is Lee, which was her father's name. my middle name is Lee after the two of them.

Some of these things I really want to do

We've already done most baby,dog,kissunder water,chopsticks,middle of the road and the gingerbread house.

Repinning just to say I've done this

before I die bucket list Walk on frozen lake. I have already done this but it was years ago.