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Just a bit closer *reaches through the screen* yes perfect

— white noise;

The moment that we all wished we were Sehun.or Kai. Well I would rather be in Sehun's position but I'd be okay if Kai were himself or Sehun (GIF)

Image de kai, exo, and kpop

Image de kai, exo, and kpop Tão lindoooo

Im sorry i by no means ship this two but damn that looks so hot >///<!

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EXO | EXO-K | Kim Jong In ❤️ (Kai) | the hands again!!!! | tumblr

Kai's hot dancer Hot damn Jongin why you gotta grip it so hard

kai.... kim jongin....WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT?

Not gonna lie, I absolutely adore that outfit. then again, my opinion may be influenced by the handsome fella who's wearing it.