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Feminism- exactly.  It has taken me years to even develop awareness of how much we have been impacted.  I'm so glad younger women are aware NOW.

Like y'all are SERIOUSLY out here MURDERING women for reserving their right to say no to you. It's NOT a debate, I WANT to be able to go outside without the intrusive thought of, "I could get killed today!

Everybody should be aware, educated, and an advocate for social justice because that is being a decent human being.

Yep. Jag har varit i den situationen flera gånger och kännt ångest när jag märker att jag är ensam i ett hav av män som alla tror att de är centrum men så grymt lika varandra.

"I wouldn't title myself a feminist, but that's horribly true." If you think it's so true person who commented this, I'm sorry to break it to you but you're a feminist, end of story, stop being afraid of the title and start speaking up about equality.


This is what white feminism looks like>>> hello? I'm white, the palest thing you'd ever set eyes on but I still believe in feminism, and not what they listed, don't generalise or stereotype//preach

I really don't understand how people say feminism was a thing for the past and needs to stay there

I think women who think they don't need feminism or who even think is wrong have been spoon-fed self-hatred for being female for so long that they themselves have become part of the patriarchy.

This is honestly one of the reasons people don't support feminism: they believe it's a form of payback for the centuries of oppression the female gender has faced. They believe feminism's definition of equality is to get men on women's level.

Double standards. Because if they can keep us focused on hating and constantly trying to "improve" ourselves, then we'll be too busy and distracted to wonder why.

Hell yes this shit is fucking realatble. Shitty society and their image of "what a woman should be" is BS. Ladies, Do whatever the fuck you want, and don't let others talk shit, got it? NOw go out there, and prove dumbass society wrong!

Let's be clear: A woman's body won't make you do stupid things.

A woman's body is not dangerous, it does not cause men to do stupid things. If men do stupid things it is THEIR CHOICE.

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"Makeup is false advertising!" Oh, that’s funny, because I’m not a product and I’m not trying to sell myself to you.