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*THUMPER ~ Bambi, 1942 50 years later Thumper was born again and named Ashlee

An Aristocat Family by Heather [©2005]

Here's another computer "coloring" This ones from the Aristocats. An Aristocat Family

Pulsar en la imagen para verla a tamaño completo.

mine disney gif Walt Disney The Aristocats Marie this was originally made for a Disney challenge but I decided not to do it :/

Love this print!!

Here are some of the exclusive art pieces I did for Disney’s WonderGround gallery. You can find them at the downtown Disney’s WonderGround gallery& Disneyworld’s co-op market place. Disneyland’s.

101 Dalmatians -- I watched this movie all the time when I was younger.

Day 13 - ik this is a bit weird but I honestly love the owners love story from 101 Dalmatians