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This is the year that broke us

Yes it is, and it makes me sad to know that my three favourite dancers Chloe, Brooke and Paige all left this year because of abby.

Clara is just adorable!

Clara dressed up as Clarice-Rudolph for her Christmas Party!

Clara is my queennnnnnn❤️

Clara is my queennnnnnn❤️

Dance moms Spoiler: Saturday January 18 the girls had a competition! Payton IS competing with them! The group dance is called Kinky boots. It is about drag queens. In this picture they are with a drag queen and in their wigs for the group dance. Payton is the lead in the group dance

Dance moms drag queens and funny things this was a epic episode I loved the drag queens they are super funny

Miss Chloe So much! She was such a happy person and Abbey just broke her. I understand Abbey's points of view, but she just broke Chloe so much!