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I'm on fweek guys!

I'm on fweek guys!

This is so beautiful, Chloe lukasiak is my inspiration ❤️

Chloe is my inspiration. I love her so much! she is an amazing dancer and person! My goal is to meet her and dance like her. she is A M A Z I N G

Which one do you like the best? Comment down below. All credit goes to Queen Nikki.

Comment your fave mine r Kendall's and Maddie's

Kalani) *hugs Megan really tight and cries in her shoulder* Megan, I love you SO much. Can you always be my little sister?

Hi I'm princess Claire! I'm this many years old * holds up four fingers * I love unicorns and dancing! My mommy and daddy are Queen Danielle and King Lucas! My big sissy are Gabbi and Chloe . My brother is Spencer

Why does Chloe get all the stardom (love Chloe) and Clara gets nearly nothing! She's a dancer too and I would love to see her dance on the show.

It would've been awesome if clara had a chance to dance with the other girls but she would be treated just like Chloe which wouldn't be fair and it would be sad! I'm just saying it would've been awesome if Clara had the chance to dance with the original