Awkward Percy ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Awkward Percy<<< sounds exactly like me

I just want Percy to have this really thick New York accent when he yells and some of his Roman friends are super surprised because they all live in California, so he's like yelling out orders during Capture the Flag and it just comes out in the same accent like someone yelling out "Ay, I'm walkin' 'ere!"

Percy talking in class and accidentally speaking in horse.

Really, Rick Riordan did a good job with Percy and Annabeth. I liked the way he slowly eased them into a relationship, instead of just having them plunge right in. That's one of the things that makes it special.

THANK YOU WONDERFUL PERSON (Notice, Annabeth doesn't just kick everybody's behind and needs no help, but she knows when she works with Percy, they're better together. It's a equal partnership.


Angry Percy, and smart Annabeth.

One of my fav parts..

can we all agree that this is like one of the most adorable things percy has ever said to annabeth — Adorable Percabeth moment in MoA

Well, how about percy swung at the giant and then turned and repeated. Na. Doesn't roll off the tongue.

The Troll, the Sass. all hail Rick Riordan.

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Percy :')<<<aww our baby has grown up

Well this is not sad at all also I can't wait to show this to cousin because she's all like "Ya Percy is literally the dumbest person ever blah blah blah" Anyway this is really sad

I can't wait to show this to cousin because she's all like "Ya Percy is literally the dumbest person ever blah blah blah" Anyway this is really sad

That's like asking a grim reaper to help in the maternity ward.

I wouldn't want anyone to deliver my baby because i realize I have to let someone help but I don't want strangers seeing my private area of my body stretched out like the void thanks

Yes and then beckendorf died and ruined it


Teenage Love : Picture Description I aspire to have a relationship like this. If I'm not arguing with someone, I'm not fully happy.

This is not even okay I swear it is not okay

Please tell me this doesn't really happen in House Of Hades! That this is all some sick joke! *rocks back and forth in tears*

Well no. That's not what she said. In case you don't remember, start reading all over from MoA. And you'll know. She keeps saying that he looks super hot and like puberty hit him right.

To everyone: Percy was quoted saying " With her sleeves ripped off, and her drakon bone sword, Percy had to admit that she looked in a barbarian princess kind of way.

So true

Im trying not to have feelings alas it isn't working this is soo ahh XD

e41d4c2fec40776d88dcb5e00b807a4a.jpg 600×614 pixels

e41d4c2fec40776d88dcb5e00b807a4a.jpg 600×614 pixels

Hahaha - I could definitely see Percy doing this xD

Jack Jackson is a fabulous name.) <<<I feel like Percy would try to get Annabeth to let him name it Jack and she puts her foot down, but when Percy's holding him when he think Annabeth is out of ear shot he whispers "Jack Jackson" to his newborn baby