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Aussie dollar rate-cut fall reversed | ECB no longer accepting Greek sovereign bonds for Eurosystem operations

In a development that must have the normally unflappable Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) governor, Glenn Stevens, scratching his head, at.

Is Australia the new Switzerland? | RBA cuts rates but Aussie dollar still rises

For a number of years the Swiss monetary authorities, political leaders and trade union officials believed that there might be some sort .

Aussie rate cut in the balance | May holiday in the UK - general election to come

In the early hours of tomorrow morning in GMT terms, the Reserve Bank of Australia will announce its decision on possible interest rate c.

Data leak in Aussie rate release? | Housing bubble fear behind surprise decision

We are always impressed with the precision with which central banks, statistics bureaus and commercial rating and research organisations .

Aussie rate cuts ‘a virtual certainty’ | Central bank is happy with performance

Aussie rate cuts ‘a virtual certainty’

Aussie dollar downtrend continues | Victims of their own success?

As can be seen from the monthly chart above, the Australian dollar against the US dollar continues to make lower highs and lower lows.

Has Sterling bottomed? | Aussie dollar still resilient

The British Pound against the US dollar, or Cable as it is known in Forex circles, has recently shown technical indications that it might.

Aussie up as RBA holds rates steady | More Aussie miners in trouble over Iron Ore price

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has decided to keep interest rates on hold, despite an expectation earlier that it would announce a c.

Iron Ore surge does nothing for the Aussie dollar | Bearish engulfing candle has appeared on the AUDUSD weekly chart

The news from Down Under yesterday, that the price of Iron Ore had taken a respite, on the back of seasonal restocking by Chinese steel m.

Aussie bond yields spell more losses for the $AUS | It is the US Treasury rate differential that matters

Australian 10 year government bonds yields have fallen quite a bit in recent times, accelerating a slide that started in April of this ye.

Aussie pops on RBA rate decision | Euro – dollar downtrend resumed yesterday

Aussie pops on RBA rate decision

Iron Ore continues its slide | Situation to get worse before it gets better – likely effects on the Aussie dollar

A little while ago we highlighted ( Australian miners play hard-ball ) the efforts of the major mining companies in Australia to use thei.

Euro – dollar: ‘Greek Gap’ support holds | Makes for a strong exchange rate support level

At the start of trading for this week and last, the EURUSD pair has gapped down on news out of or concerning Greece and its tortuous nego.

US economic reports in conflict | NZ central bank decision hammers the Kiwi

The US dollar was a little bit schizoid yesterday when two important economic reports were released at the same time, but which seemingl.

Euro gets battered | … but the Aussie fares even worse

With the European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision, monetary policy statement and governor’s press conference coming on Thursday.