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Japanese Green Tea and Senbei

☘ Ƭℯα ℭυꜱʈℴʍꜱ ℴƒ ʈꜧℯ Ⱳℴɾℓ∂ Japanese Green Tea and Senbei

Japanese green tea 緑茶

Japanese green tea 緑茶 with the clay tea pot for a proper tea ceremony

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they will use tea scoop to slowly pour the tea instead of pouring the tea directly from the tea pot to the cups

Simply set the timer depending on how strong you want your tea to be, and this adorable little guy will dip the tea in and out for you until it's done. Buy it here.

27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

tea maker - set timer and cute penguin will remove tea bag when tea has brewed for desired time. Perfect brew every time! This is awesome because I'm always forgetting that I have tea steeping and sometimes the flavor becomes too strong - WANT.

Japanese green tea and sweets 緑茶

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A cup of green tea for breakfast ~  ♥

Green tea can be extremely beneficial to dental health, through reducing plaque, lowering the acidity of saliva, and controlling bacteria levels. It's believed that if you drink green tea you're less likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

三か月に一度、毎回とても楽しみにしているお教室、「季節の記憶」。 季節のお料理とテーブルコーディネイトを学びます。 7月のテーマは「七夕」。 まず目...

三か月に一度、毎回とても楽しみにしているお教室、「季節の記憶」。 季節のお料理とテーブルコーディネイトを学びます。 7月のテーマは「七夕」。 まず目...