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Steampunk bracers. Wow that is cool.

DeviantArt: More Like Custom Map Quester Bracer by Skinz-N-Hydez


I suspect that Kahlila wears something like this under the bustled Steampunk outfits she favours for our trips off. She always seems to have the right spanner for the job. <<<< Probably my character Perri.

Steampunk Bracer by SqLeatherwork

Something new for steampunk funs. Useful steampunk writer's bracer with running watch, paper, quill and ink flask.

I may have re-pinned this before... But I LOVE it!

Wrapped in Time Leather Watch

Wasteland Champion Motorcycle Tire Pauldron -- Don't know what I'd wear this with but I'd wear this the battle every day!! :D

Wasteland Champion Tire Armor by swanboy. I imagine a tire would actually absorb a lot of force from blunt instruments. (It also blocks a lot of cutting weapons, it just needs a bit of padding underneath it)

*tesla steampunk plasma walking cane 4 goggles halloween costume* | eBay

Tesla steampunk plasma walking cane 4 goggles halloween costume