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Percy Jackson fan art. It's good, but it doesn't fit the description sometimes.

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” (Although I don&amp t really agree with the images of some characters most of them are pretty good XD)

Why is Leo like that but love him

This is exactly how i feel the seven would treat Will. Nico gets more and more embaressed so cute<<<<< this is a reference to parks and I'm dead

Annabeth's list of rules to the female campers

Annabeth's rules for the female campers. In addition to Percy's Rules for Male campers.

this is the best headcanon I've ever read, like really

Im pretty much only pinning this for 'Percy totally went up to will and congratulated him for being nicos type' bc fucking gold

Percy's right Jason

Just accept it, Jason: Percy Jackson is a better boyfriend than you'll ever be to Piper. Why cant jason just go kiss his little brick friend lol

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What the Percy Jackson Characters Taught me~ Rick Riordan is a great teacher. Books and Reading<< well he is/was a teacher in real life

Percy is much scarier and darker than he first appears.

Percy is much scarier and darker than he first appears. But I would still put him in hufflepuff or Griffindor, beacuse he is not cunning and just beacuse he's dark doesn't mean his slytherin.