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There is a variety of peacock with all white feathers. These are not albino but a color variation of the India Blue peacock.

what a GREAT photo

White Peacock, Isola Madre, Lake Maggiore, Italy cut out the man in the foreground, great pic

White peacock by davidyuweb

Today we are sharing yet another beautiful collection of animal photographs that is based on peacock photography. Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds on Earth. The spectacular colors in their feathers and the

..white peacock...oh my george

What Makes Peacock Feathers So Alluring?

Amazing White Peacock whose tail looks like the train on a brides wedding dress. I particularly loved it because my sister and I used white peacocks in our Silver Sisters Mystery, "Vanishing Act in Vegas.

indian peafowl  (photo by larry frogge)

indian peafowl photo by larry frogge. beautiful colors by (Wish I had one as a pet)

they look like someone spilled different colored paint on them.....

Blue-White Peacock When nature can’t make up its mind? There are blue peacocks and white peacocks and sometimes there is a blue-white peacock. This is not an edited photo, but a freak of nature.