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Bad Brains

35 Old Punk Flyers That Prove Punk Used To Be So Cool

How Low Can a Punk Get? Bad Brains in a cheesy local TV segment, 1981

The Perversions of Quiet Girls

Again just for the intriguing:) book title "The Perversions of Quiet Girls"

Sumergida Entre Mundos: noviembre 2013

21 Problems All Cynical People Will Understand. All my cynical people represent !

"It was very much a part of my process that I was essentially just an observer," he said. | 17 Incredible Vintage Photos From London's '70s Punk Scene

17 Incredible Vintage Photos From London’s Punk Scene Photographer Derek Ridgers spent more than ten years documenting the music and people he loved.

Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten. As much of a style icon almost 40 years later. From the beaten up leather jackets, tight black pants, boots, and safety pins his style can only be referred to as truly vicious.

Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols - Punks were a subcultural group that emerged in the late and took hold in the with commercialized versions sprouting up later towards the