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Entered in : 's Winter Contest and 's Winter White Contest Comments and are much appreciated Credits: Everything else is painted © deadlulu under safecr.

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Love the shimmering stars and aura glow - would be great to have a version of our logo where this exists - and for me personally I like the glow and atmosphere


Once upon a time there was a flying unicorn which some refer to as a pegacorn or unicus.

Fantasy Art: Fairies, Artist: Anne Stokes

Fantasy Art: Fairies, Artist: Anne Stokes Love the "halo" behind her.

Never stop dreaming...

Keep those dreams alive . believe in YOU and your abilities! “Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.

Scheherezade telling tales to the Sultan in order to prolong her life.  illus. Kay Nielsen, 1917

Scheherezade telling tales to the Sultan in order to prolong her life. Kay Nielsen, 1917 *J

A fairy in the hand

Young Mantis fairy 3 by ~fairiesndreams*Fairy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Elf Faerie Fae Wings Fantasy Elves Faries Sprite Nymph Pixie Faeries Hadas Enchantment Forest Whimsical Whimsy Mischievous

Another beautiful image that reminds me of Mother God's personal phylum of Thrones angels.

SERAPHINI Seraphim who love God more ardently, know him even more perfectly, of all others, the blessed spirits,


Catch A Falling Star--crescent moon angel is a brunette, full of hope in the blue, celestial sky. Painted in hues of blue and white, stars sparkle in the background in this spiritual, religious and fantasy art.