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way to grow plants from seed. plant seed in eggshell then simply transfer the egg & plant into the garden directly.it feeds the plant as well!

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Florida Survival Gardening: How To Grow A Peach Tree From a Pit. I NEED to do this. I love peaches!

Cascades of Bottles | Hydroponic Systems Round Up

Hydroponic Systems Roundup

Mine should be up and running soon! Got an apartment with limited space? A Hydroponic window farm is for you. All you need are plastic bottles with cuts in them, plants, soil, and some supports to hold it to a PVC frame. LOVE IT!

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Plantable seedling pots made from newspaper. This is so easy. A wide range of ages can do this gardening craft. These seed cups would make a great gift for gardening grandparents.

How to grow a pineapple tree! I have done this, it is a wonderful plant. #Green

I want a pineapple tree now. How to grow a pineapple tree! i have dune this it is a wonderful plant @ DIY Home Design

Start plants and/or flowers in egg shells.  The protein inside the egg feeds the flower as it grows.  Then plant it... egg and all... in the ground or larger pot. This would make a great idea for Earth Day lesson or for a gift craft during the Easter season.

HACKABLE :: Organic Strawberry, Mint & Petunia Plant Egglings eclectic indoor pots and planters :: Just tiny terracotta pot trays, egg shells & soil. When it's ready to plant in the ground, crack the bottom and plop in a dirt hole!

natural living forum - planting seeds in eggshells: Here’s a fantastic, easy idea we just came across – how to use eggshells to plant seeds. There are numerous benefits to this idea:

Egg Shell Planter How to start garden seeds using eggshells as planters. Not only are they a great way to recycle, eggshells help benefit the plant growth!

Learn how to garden like a pro and create the perfect front and backyard landscapes with our gardening tips and DIY garden projects.

Save your large egg shells next time you bake, wash them out, plant them with seeds. Once the plants are large enough, just transfer the whole egg into the ground. The shell is actually a great fertilizer and the roots will be able to break right through.

This shows how to grow your own pineapple plant from the top of one you already have. I would love to see if this works.

Going to try this again, last one just went soft and wouldnt root. ~Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant - ok, I can't lie. I thought pineapples grew on trees. My mind is blown & I want to grow a pineapple plant.

Lemon Seedling Air Freshener: planting lemon seeds for natural air freshener

Planting Lemon Seeds: Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.