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Brain Magazine - Page Pute - Beyoncé n'aime pas trop certaines photos d'elle

Beyoncé n'aime pas trop certaines photos d'elle

Beyoncé's Publicist Asks Internet to Remove Unflattering Beyoncé Photos; Internet Turns Unflattering Beyoncé Photos Into a Meme

In my head, this is me, sitting on my 8th graders, dog laughing all the time... not really.  I love me some kiddos.

Pet always seems cute, naughty and adorable to us. Have a look to these pet photos and get ready for a random laugh while watching these funny pets.

Maybe not exactly wifey material.

18 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Wife

Splinter!  AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH  Florida's Finest Mugshots - Seriously. | See more about florida.

Florida's Finest Mugshots - Seriously, For Real? Florida actually some pretty strange things here. It's especially creepy because the "Leatherface" is from Hillsborough county which is where I'm from!

Short clip showing the personalities of two dogs as they share an ice cream from McDonalds.

Animal Behavior: Two Dogs And An Ice Cream

Your initial reaction to this video is probably going to be a lot like mine—why is Daisy getting all the ice cream cone love? Come on mean lady, let poor Cooper have some ice cream love!


This dog is hilarious! Denver does bad things and gives himself away in a way I've never seen a dog do. Dogs are so funny in the way.