Phoenix by Eranthe on deviantART

Phoenix//Pheonix//fiery and gets offended easily//tomboy// Raspberry Kitty

Crane by on @deviantART

This series of Bird drawings were inspired by the fable "the peacock and the crane" by Aesop. A Peacock, spreading its gorgeous tail, mocked a Crane that passed by, ridiculing the ashen hue of its .

Peacock lady by on @deviantART

This started as a dress design and it ended as a full work. I have the front version as well. I will post it once it is colored.

Rose by Eranthe on deviantART

another drawing from the bird series: Macaw. Though you can speak like a human, and mimic their language. You, lone bird, are close to extinction and never shall exist in the world. Encage it.

Advanced sketch commission from RemonaArshu, her OC Cordelia Faustine Bassani. ---------------------Art by me, using Paintool SAI, Photoshop and Wacom Intous 4 large.