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Cutlery animal sculpture | Chill Hour

This gorilla is made of over stems of flatware. Artist Gary Hovey welded his first flatware animal sculpture back in

These Animal Sculptures Made Entirely Out Of Cutlery Will Amaze You

These Animal Sculptures Made Entirely Out Of Cutlery Will Amaze You

Gary Hovey

Artist Gary Hovey creates incredible animal sculptures using recycled stainless forks, spoons, and knive …

Welder Gary Hovey uses cutlery to make animal sculptures out of ...

Welder makes bird and gorilla sculptures out of knives and forks

Recycled Art Interview #10: Nirit Levav Interviews

Recycled Art Interview #10: Nirit Levav

The work of Nirit Levav, a designer and a multidisciplinary artist specializing in recycled art sculptures made of recycled bicycle parts.

Look closely what this is made of ! Amazing work Gary Hovey Sculptures - Gary Hovey Sculptures

While most of us use flatware to eat, Gary Hovey has a much better use for forks, knives and spoons. Check out his incredible flatware animal sculptures.

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John Lopez Metal Sculptures in art metals with Sculpture Recycled Art Recycled Metal Animals


These beautiful animal sculptures were created with forks,knives,and spoons by Ohio-based artist Gary Hovey. He cuts and welds them into amazingly realistic animal sculptures.