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well, if he told me his name, i could always help him remember...

"Look, they gave me a badge with my name on it, in case I forgot who I am. Very thoughtful. As that does happen.

Best Doctor Who meme I've seen in a while... Want to memorize the rhyme!

Kimber on

I love Doctor Who; I love pictures about it and watching it but this is one heck of a poem! This is the most awesome poem ever!


Dear normal people: I'm sorry for flooding your pintrest board with my nerdy obsessions. Fellow Nerds: YOU'RE WELCOME!


"The law in Croton Connecticut, states that "any utterances from a man in a bow tie are not to be credited."' leaving the next question to be asked---"now WHO could they have had to deal with to make this law?" I wonder.

Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast crossover :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doctor-Who-and-the-TARDIS/276710412383657

Doctor Who/Beauty & the Beast Crossover. One pinner said: "The Beast is a metaphor for how he was left after the Time War rather than how he looked. And Rose healed him.

who made this? come on! #bbctearsforever I love Rory

"A Thousand Years" - the Ponds - eehhhhhh. The feels! They hurt my heart.

What the Doctor taught me  It the Whovian version of Gibbs rules

Some tv shows and movies can teach valuable life lessons people used to get through reading classic novels.

*sniffs* I love The Doctor so much

Actually, it's "The Doctor" . But I really like the quote. Actually, this was said by Vincent Van Gogh in the show Doctor Who. The Doctor didn't say this.

Proud of myself for knowing a good portion of these

50 things a Doctor Who fan should know

Calvin Has Seen the Sontarans<-- I was just re-reading the Calvin and Hobbes comics the other day and was all NO WAY!

Calvin Has Seen the Sontarans

Calvin Has Seen the Sontarans -- Doctor Who reference in Calvin and Hobbes

However silly it may be sometimes doctor who has some pretty good life lessons in it- Amy pond Rory Williams river song rose tyler

A few life lessons Doctor who has taught me. I've seen something like this done before but more on a comedy level and while I added one or two in. Doctor who has taught me.