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Big romantic weekend

Some ppl "ship" house and wilson but im unsure where i stand on this. Personally i hate ppl that ship characters most time it ruins the show

James Wilson, Greg House.  Because Wilson and House are the truest bros this world will ever see! I hope I can experience a friendship as loving, understanding, and intense as this one. The series may be over but they and their beautiful bromance will live on in my heart.

15 Fictional Bros Who Are JUST Bros, Damn It

Finding Judas: Season 3 Episode 9: originally broadcast on Fox on November 28, 2006 | Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps)

Finding Judas: Season 3 Episode originally broadcast on Fox on November 2006

House M.D, gosh it makes me laugh so much :D He's brilliant just brilliant

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House M. - Original Team---I know the show has been over for like 2 years but I am almost done watching season 7 and I really love this show!

Life is pain...----------Click the GIF, COOL!!

I can relate. even though he was a jerk, his character had loveable vulnerable qualities

I don't negotiate with terrorists, I smoke them out of their hidee holes. LOL

charming life pattern: House M.D - quote - hugh laurie - I don't negotiat.