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A time for every action under the sun if it is a time to find peace and quiet then so be it.

This reminds me of the debate going on in expository writing class right now. So true and beautiful pic!

"Our farmers deserve praise, not condemnation; and their efficiency should be cause for gratitiude, not somethinng for which they are penalized." - President John F.

Farming isn't just a 9-5 job. It starts before the sun comes up and ends when the work is done, wouldn't change this life for anything

To all my family running their farms, Thank you! I miss my farm and those crazy ass cows that would block my truck while drinking thru the pasture!


"The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer." - Will Rodgers

Grandma Margaret's Farm

TRUER words have never been spoken! Ya can take the girl outta the country (temporarily!) but ya CAN'T take the country outta the girl!

Suck it up, Buttercups.  That's why we have so many people that don't understand being responsible, accountable, etc.

Farm families take care of their animals 365 days a year. No snow days. No paid holidays. Thank a Farmer Today!


Feeding and bedtime for all the farm animals sets the routine here on the farm, and it's a soothing, life-is-good kind of routine.