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Nick Fury's awesome entrances always have to be planed

I fully believe all of this, except for the dark corner dramatic entrance thing, he clearly learned that from Coulson.

Peter Parker has always been my favorite from the start, and Tom just portrays him perfectly!

peter parker has and still is one of my favorite marvel characters, and tom play peter and spiderman so well. what a time to be alive tbh

“Peter Parker has two cell phones. One with his civilian contacts and one with superheroes on speed dial. Johnny Storm is listed in both under “flaming idiot” ”

Once the Avengers settle down into a routine, Tony Stark is actually the most responsible. Natasha’s always winding the guys up, Steve’s a giant troll, Thor causes all sorts of electric shocks and.

Steve and Nat friendship is the best

Steve and Nat friendship is the best. But I don't like the Nat using Steve to open jars one because Nat has superhuman strength

Bland Marvel Headcanon: Halloween is ten times better when Thor is around, he always goes to haunted houses or heavily decorated places and “protects” the children.

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Poor Clint trying to make sense of all the crazy stuff he sees being a part of the Avengers.

This is tasertricks I approve of. Bro-ing about town, annoying the shit out of everyone.

Bland Marvel Headcanons: Bucky has an entire collection of brightly-colored hand-knitted fingerless mittens that he wears to make his metal arm less scary. Darcy and Simmons try to find him more.