tattoos -                                                      I heard you like Alice in Wonderland! So I present you my tattoos

Pixel Rainbow Tattoo by blacktagtattoos on Etsy ~ This gave me an idea. I have a rainbow quilt designed. Put it together with some of my own poetry, and it would be a rockin' tattoo!

This is my very first Tattoo, a gift from my father for my 21st birthday. They are Susuwatari (soot sprites) by Studio Ghibli. I’ a huge Studio Ghibli fan and this is the first of many Ghibli tattoos I have planned.

As melhores tatuagens inspiradas em obras do Studio Ghibli!

Susuwatari (soot sprites) tattoo from Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli! Loved this movie!

cloud-tattoo-71.jpg (640×640)

40 Pretty Atmospheric Cloud Tattoo Designs – Love is in the Air

Little #rainbow #tattoo on the hand

32 Beautiful Rainbow Tattoo Design: Cute Rainbow Tattoo Design On Hand ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration


As descoladas tatuagens de Matheus Dias