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82722572521af60f6a13e9032c353ce8.jpg (564×2830) #ParentingDoneRight #ParentingDontUnderstand

82722572521af60f6a13e9032c353ce8.jpg (564×2830) #ParentingDoneRight #ParentingDontUnderstand

Wow! Je lis pas souvent ce genre de post long, mais là c'était vraiment intense!

At First She Thought It Was A Prank Call. But Her Quick Thinking Saved A Life. This is Genius.

She Called 911 And Pretended To Order Pizza… Then The Operator Realized The…

Crossing my fingers and praying to God that the last one if true because I'm tires of being looked at as the best friend for the past 2 years

The repost thing is dumb, mainly reposting because it makes some accurate points

Theres no doubt about it. Always, they would understand mine instead if looking down on me like most people.

I'm proudly married to one. Emotional or physical, stand proud with your partner<<<<I have scars and honestly was so scared when my boyfriend saw them.