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Miss Spider's bobbin lace handiwork.

Spiderwebs on misty mornings are among the most beautiful things in nature. Too bad they're made by spiders, one of the most terrifying things in nature.

Beautiful Fall Day

Sunrise through the trees in the Japanese Gardens of Portland, Oregon, USA ~ A Feast of Colors by Derek Kind*

In the midst of a consumer ego-driven society, it can be very difficult to find what our heart and soul really desire. We are often unconsciously driven by what our mind and society tells us we want. Our hunger for material things often is just a band-aid for our spiritual longing for connection. We don’t need to settle for a mundane, uninspired life.  Our lives can shine brilliantly with the love of our giving hearts. www.howyoupray.com/tools/fulfilling-your-hearts-destiny/

mrockstyle: Pink Floyd’s Tree of Half Life album cover art by Storm Thorgerson picture on VisualizeUs on imgfave

Mossy tunnel

Passage secret Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, California, USA Redwood Eye. Through that door is an entrance to the Land of Faerie

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Spring forest in Sweden.

mountain-scene-location - Once Wed

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ned the toothpick on

“Like a gift, beautifully wrapped at the foot of your bed each morning, today asks that you open it and enjoy everything inside.

Perfect spot for a nap...or a daydream!

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