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What a lovely and dysfunctional family. The new episode and the twins au are given me weird ideas.

#wattpad #fanfiction I pick up my phone and start pacing around my room. "Hi you've reached Marinette's voicemail leave a message after the beep."  "Hey it me again. This is the tenth time I've called. Where are you? Why do you not answer my calls? Why did you leave? Your parents are worried. Alya and Nino too. Were yo...

Broken - ~birthday~

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#wattpad #fanfiction Adrien starts developing feelings for Marinette after taking her to a event. One day he comes to her as Chat and started doing it daily, but what will happen when Hawk Moth captures her. Will he be able to save her without Ladybug?

A Miraculous Love #Wattys2016 - Valentine date and baking cakes

Image result for human tikki and plagg

Image result for human tikki and plagg


piku-chan: “Here’s out of four free requests from my ML sticker post. This one is for who requested chibi Ladynoir drinking hot chocolate. Chat’s enjoying the drink more than.

Plagg and Tikki as people

Plagg and Tikki as people