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shonilane: “thatchris: “ playful-nites: “ Things that make me giggle ” Clark deserves to feel pretty.

Batman's Tragic Origins

Funny pictures about Stop Whining Bruce. Oh, and cool pics about Stop Whining Bruce. Also, Stop Whining Bruce.

Batman vs Superman: Revelations

Batman vs Superman: Revelations

batman-vs-superman-true-identity-comic-strip lol not xtrayvision just rip off his costume!

Superheroes’ Part Time Jobs ... although there are a couple that I wouldn't really call "superheroes" ....

Superheroes’ Part Time Jobs

Super heroes and their part time jobs. Don't see how Darth Vader is a hero/superhero, or Robin but okay.

Batman is a TimeLord #batman #timelord

Batman Turns Out To Be A Time Lord In This Hilarious Comic

Batman is a Time Lord dc comics dw doctor who crossover fan art joker harley quinn harlequin

Batman as Spaghetti Western.... Nightwing.....

Batman as a Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Gotham - Batman al estilo Spaghetti Western


Look at these amazing actors as their hero personas and when they're playing the people behind them. look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

90% Of People Can't Pronounce This Whole Poem. You Have To Try It.

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than of the native English speakers in the world.

Ah!! Batman!! Issues! This show was literally the most hilarious interpretation of Barman.

Times the Justice League proved their super power was sass. I remember this scene, so funny XD

Super Hero Family Time... ah the last one kills!

Super hero family time -- this. This is precious, then it broke my heart seeing Peter Parker without his Uncle Ben.

A friend of mine sent this comic strip. Hilarious!

Even the world's greatest detective didn't see this coming. View "How Superman Would Easily Win Against Batman" and more funny posts on Dorkly

can't save gotham when football is on...or somedays, you need a subtle sign to show how you REALLY feel!!

Funny pictures about Batman's day off. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's day off. Also, Batman's day off photos.