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1940s- I like her outfit and shoes, and really like the house in the background (it's clearly California!)

model print ad jumpsuit lounge wear rosie riveter wide leg casual day wear shoes wedge rolled hair short sleeves summer girl lounging on wall in shirt + pants

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men. I don't know, I just thought this photo was adorable.

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Entre-deux guerres et pantalon...

Wed-leg trouser -- called "slacks", made popular by famous actresses of the era because they so often wore them. EX: Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich

In 1926, animator Walt Disney, 25 (fourth from left), posed with his entire staff and Margie Gay, the star of his Alice in Cartoonland series. At the time, Disney's studio was rodent less - and struggling. Two years later, however, came along Steamboat Willie and a mouse named Mickey (whose pip squeak voice was provided by Walt himself.)

A Decade In Fashion: The Male Fashion Inspiration for The Fat Man's Wife, Tennessee Williams (Canal Cafe Theatre, Feb directed by Russell Lucas // Assistant Director: Annie Harris // Producer: Annie Biddlecombe