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Hahaha I love Brendan's face here (btw he's from Panic! At the Disco) ((I think we know that))

Here we can observe a wild brendon Urie in his natural habitat but the to rare to die brendon is scared

Heroes can wear anything they want, this one wears a sparkly suit, and in a way I respect him for that.

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco - i dont know you but this seems like something you'd like lol Tichy Tichy T FACE

Oh no this disappointed puppy face shouldn't be allowed

this is one of my favorite gifs lol, I've seen one a bit longer where he looks up at the camera after the guy takes his cookie and the look he gives it is so beTRAYED

His face is captured perfectly in the last one

era Brendon Urie was about forehead like he legit looked like Jimmy neutron