Carole Lombard

"We dumb artists don't know what will register on the microphone. But we're in good company. None of those experts in there does, either." -- Carole Lombard in during the early days of talking pictures.

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Carole Lombard “She was so alive, modern, frank, and natural that she stands out like a beacon on a lightship in this odd place called Hollywood.” – Barbara Stanwyck on Carol Lombard

1930s make up

Photo: Todays hair & makeup inspiration from the beautiful Carole Lombard (October 1908 – January who was tragically killed during WWII

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard

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Carole Lombard 1935 Gallaher Signed Portraits of Famous Stars Tobacco Card illustrating Part 1 of Carole Lombard biography through 1931

carole lombard

The beautiful actress Carole Lombard was born today in She was one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood in the late and was the wife of fellow actor Clark Gable. She passed in a plane crash in