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Ian and Ricardo - Platoon 1, 3 SAI, somewhere across the 'kaplyn' May 1, 1980, Operation 'Liberation 1". Note the 60mm and R1 rifle were carried. That's over 10kg plus four 60mm rounds at 1.4kg (total 5.6kgs) and four R1 mags took total to near 20kgs and that's not counting water or food. I was nearly always spared having a turn carrying the platoon B25 radio.

Ian and Ricardo - Platoon 3 SAI, somewhere across the 'kaplyn' May

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Realities of War. Have a THOUGHTFUL Memorial Day, because if you support our troops, you wouldn't support them dying needlessly. And you would support veteran affairs, because most don't get the education or healthcare they are promised.

Realities of War.

Realities of war…Sad but also a tribute to warriors everywhere and throughout history and also the people effected by war globally

Ek kan nie meer nie Korporaal! South African Border War

Ek kan nie meer nie Korporaal! South African Border War