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This is simple purse A purse like this in the market may only be a US dollar or euro but I still like to make it with heart, with l.


Silk Felt Scarf Eco Printed with Floral Pattern Pure Silk Nuno Felting Ladies Scarf Accessory Handmade Unique Designers Print Silk Shawl by ShellenD on Etsy

not all those who wander are lost dyeing GREEN!!

Natural dye innovator India Flint works with the trees and plants of her Australian home to create not just near-zero impact natural dyes, but spontaneously natural prints and patterns. The idea began with a Latvian egg-dyeing technique, and has blossom

eucalyptus wall hanging www.handmadetextilesbycaroline.co.uk

eucalyptus wall hanging www.handmadetextilesbycaroline.co.uk

Terrie ~.~ smiling.....: What to do with this prints 又一植物印染的效果

Again I tried the eco prints on silk fabric. I bought from florist the fresh eucalyptus cinerea leaves and got the free rose leaves.

It's getting to be leaf print time again, and I've been doing some test strips

Ecoprinting - creating leaf prints by pressing fallen leaves against paper under pressure and heat. The colors of the leaves transfer to the paper. No dyes, inks or paints are used. All of the color comes from the leaves themselves.

Eco Print on silk - by Cherie Livni

now is the time to start experimenting with natural dyes and printing with leaves on fabric Eco Print on silk - by Cherie Livni