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isawatree: “ Burnished-buff Tanager (Tangara cayana) by Thomaz Tozzi B.

Tudo  de  lindo....!

The bird kingdom has such a wide veriaty of colours, that this kingdom actually possesses every colour known to people

Golden-breasted Starling

Choucador royal - Golden-breasted Starling (Lamprotornis regius), eastern equatorial Africa by Indydan

Bird of Paradise

Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise - (Paradisaea raggiana) is the national bird of Papua New Guinea and in 1971 this species was included on the national flag. It is distributed widely in southern and north eastern New Guinea, where its name is Kumul.

Beautiful Colourful Bird.

Beautiful Colourful Bird.

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The treecreepers are a family, Certhiidae, of small passerine birds, widespread in wooded regions of the Northern Hemisphere and sub-Saharan Africa