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Best autocorrects of 2012, iphone

The Funniest AutoCorrects Of Freaking Hilarious! 😄😆😂 quite possibly the funniest thing I have EVER read!

20 Reasons Kids SUCK! Laughed till I cried.

20 Reasons Why Kids Suck

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Funny pictures about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Also, Misunderstood emo alpaca photos.

funny dogs

funny dogs

If your dog does the head-press thing, it could mean brain cancer. But otherwise these are funny :)>>>Also the one about a dog in the Walgreens parking lot is not okay, dogs shouldn't be left alone in the car

I love spring!

I love spring!

Funny pictures about Just Stop And Smell The Flowers. Oh, and cool pics about Just Stop And Smell The Flowers. Also, Just Stop And Smell The Flowers photos.

Expand this -- SO good!! Hahah!

Omgosh, too funny! Nailed it! For all of us who see idea's on pintrest and then are totally able to nail it! laugh out loud funny

14 Shameful Dogs Who Have Been Caught Misbehaving

14 Shameful Dogs Who Have Been Caught Misbehaving

here are some adorable mug shots of adorable pugs. we accept photos of your pugs. pugs in costumes. pugs in cartoon. pugs in videos. pugs in love. mug pug.

What makeup do you use?! @Caitlyn Sweeney Anne totally made me think of you ! Cause you love Nutella

What makeup do you use? haha def I cant believe someone actually smeared nutella on their face for this LOL

This dog can balance anything on his noggin! <3

Scout, the dog that can balance anything on his head.poor scout, but wow is that a great dog

He Looks So Surprised

He Looks So Surprised

Funny pictures about Dog Eyebrows. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Eyebrows. Also, Dog Eyebrows photos.