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Hair tutorial for drawing various hairstyles on anime manga females. How to draw pretty, long hair on anime girls.

【绘画教程】画动漫人物眼睛 技法 手绘 素描 铅笔画 插画

How to draw anime eyes. Interesting, considering I've never really been able to master anime.ive alwasys love to draw anime☺

Kind of cheap, but clever.

Kind of cheap, but clever. << This person just gave you an EASIER way to draw a back view of the head, at least be grateful you God forsaken bitch.

【髪の描き方テクニック】絵で髪の毛ふわっって感じどうやったら出せる?|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

【髪の描き方テクニック】絵で髪の毛ふわっって感じどうやったら出せる?|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

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