Benedict pulls a Freeman

When I read "can you do Martin freeman" my mind went a whole different direction, but I mean the impressions good too even if I got a little excited for nothing

Best Sherlock lines- bet it is hard for Ben to keep a straight face during some of his lines though ;)

Best Sherlock lines- bet it is hard for Ben to keep a straight face during some of his lines though ;) My favourite is "blanket"

I find this post both amazing and depressing. Best response ever, however the original post is so dumb.

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the person that said that's an idiot. It's even funnier because their name is Anderson. That gif madness unable to decide whether to put this in HP or Sherlock.

It say " I don't understand'(front) " I still don't understand"(back)

He has the shirt. He has it and he's wearing it. I want that shirt. That one that he's wearing. not one like it, I want the one he is wearing right now.

Ignore everything I just said. I'm in shock. Look, I've got a blanket!

I really need to start carrying a blanket around just so I can use this is any and every situation. oh sherlock>>> great idea ❤️❤️ hey just ignore me I'm in shock. I have a blanket!

Lestrade is the best. <--- Haha agreed, but can we also talk about how Sherlock is practically catatonic until Lestrade starts yelling and then jumps three feet in the air like he's been electrocuted?

"My love for Greg knows no bounds." <-Could not be more true <- this scene was almost better than the actual scene with John and Sherlock drunk simply because Greg found everything so amusing XD

Benedict looks like the nerd that wants an A in the first one while Martin thinks he's got it. Then Martin is copying of Benedict in the second one. And by the Third one, Martin has corrupted Benedict into not studying. WELCOME TO SHERLOCK HIGH

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A comparison of script readings for three series of Sherlock. For Series Martin will probably be sitting in Benedict's lap.