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negative space logo

A collection of 20 Inspirational logo designs has been made. The Examples of Inspirational logo design are truly inspiring for designers. A Logo Design is

dog logo design에 대한 이미지 검색결과

emotion: logo showing companionship and the joy of pet ownership using gestalt principles.

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Nuevos estilos de logotipos

esto no es diseño por computadora, esto debio salir de trabajo a mano, como debe ser

Human Rights logo; the hands coming together to make a heart. National Human Rights Day;

The art of negative space: 20 amazing examples  http://www.creativebloq.com/art/art-negative-space-8133765

Negative space: 18 brilliant examples

logo for creative team Twins Communications, designed by Oslo-based Action Designer

Totally one of those "I wish I had thought of this" ideas - 'TWINS' logo by 'Action Designer' (originally from a Smashing Magazine 'creative round-up' post)

Plant Elegant by George Bokhua

Plant Elegant*

Word Play | Logo Design

Another clever typography logo, the letters look like they are taking a turn, going in different directions.

Love the simplicity of this Water logotype // repinned on toby designs

Typography inspiration

Here is another example of a simple stylization of a logotype. The "A" in Water has a water droplet replacing one of the stems from the letter. A good modern logotype who's symbolism is easily identified.


Combining the name with imagery this logo type creates an image using simple edited text. Creating an interesting yet unique logo type that one might see on perhaps some type of makeup brand.

really wonderful mark. "BeeBank Development" for Greenpeace - designed by Studio Paradise, UK

Bee Bank

Genius logo icon "BeeBank Development" for Greenpeace - designed by Studio Paradise, UK