【设定参考】别致的铠甲设定参考系列4,很... 来自原画梦官网 - 微博

Cool editing of the Iconic PAthfinder Paladin pic to make a knight paladin sword armor character rpg Warforged D Wizards warforged

Lord demon

Darion - thats one bad ass knight conceptart concept photography sketches scifi steampunk steam punk purse fashion yolo cgi landscapes scenery digital anime mech enviroment character concepts

Blade knight.

Warrior with amazing swords: swords with axes as the crossguard, vambraces with blades on them - this guy is armed to the teeth!

tattoo warrior

Crusader, Diablo 3 by MikeAzevedo on deviantART armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Kai wearing Royal Knight Set

Archer - Seems to me the helmet and parts of the armor would interfere with aiming and firing especially if you were looking for speed and accuracy.

Bishop of War Knight

m Paladin staff This would be beautiful to seeing person as a deadric warrior or prince d&d Armour Cleric


m Fighter Plate Sword Don't raise your arms! You have so much to live for! You've discovered how to conquer gravity with that cloak for one thing!